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Strange things are afoot in this election cycle. I won't reveal this person's identity, to protect the sanctity of the voting booth, but I just found out that a person I know very well who has become quite conservative over the last several years (turning into pretty much a pro-life/anti-gay marriage voter) voted for Barack Obama in their primary today.

I also read (and this is somewhat more believable, but still hard to understand) that Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have been attacking John McCain. Coulter even suggested that if the general election came to a choice between McCain and Hilary Clinton, she would vote for Clinton.

Politics are odd.

Update: Can I do an update before I've even posted this once? Oh, well, I'm doing it anyway. Just found out the aforementioned conservative Obama voter, who by the rules of their state can vote across party lines in the primary, figured that the Republican nominee was already basically decided and wanted to influence the Democratic choice. I'm not sure that their assumption is true, though. Hmm...

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