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Oh, man, this is ridiculous. Have you ever wasted time obsessing about some really, totally meaningless question of pop culture? For example, my friend Richard brought up the "Desert Island Disc" question the other day. We were talking and somehow got on the subject of Radiohead, and he mentioned that "The Bends" would almost be the album he'd have on the desert island if not for some Kate Bush album that I don't know. And I came up with the one I'd want, but it was really hard, and I'm still not certain of the choice. Like it matters at all. I picked Barenaked Ladies' "Gordon", by the way, because they're my favorite band and all of the songs on that album are good. But then you lose all their other great songs. And what about Ben Folds and Aimee Mann and Indigo Girls and...see, it's a fool's game.

Anyway, now what I'm obsessing over is the idea of expanding my "Top 5 All-Time Movies" to a top 10. I was thinking about it the other day and realized I probably had enough films to expand on my top 5, which I've had for a while:
1. It's A Wonderful Life
2. When Harry Met Sally...
3. Jerry Maguire
4. American Beauty
5. Almost Famous

So as far as my top 5 are concerned, I basically consider the top 2 sacred and untouchable because they're entirely sentimental picks and I can quote large sections of each movie from memory. I could literally drop whatever I'm doing and watch "It's A Wonderful Life" at any time. The thing with When Harry Met Sally is different - I love that movie, but I probably enjoy watching other movies more most of the time. But I still have to go with it at #2...there's too much history between us. I'm flexible on moving the top 3 around in a top 10 list, but I can't see anything knocking off Jerry Maguire - for my tastes, it is pretty much the perfect movie. Anyway, I went through my Netflix and looked at films that I had rated with 5 stars and just psyched my self out with the choice candidates. And this is a whittled-down list, there are 5-star movies that I didn't include. Oh, and for the record, I'm leaving out comedies like Anchorman and 40 Year-Old Virgin and Office Space - stuff I could watch over and over, but I don't really want on my top 10 all-time list.

The 4 films I came up with off the top of my head for inclusion (these will most likely make it):
Once - If you haven't seen it, what the hell's wrong with you? It's beautiful.
Serenity - Okay, this one's going to make a run at #4 and will even flirt with knocking off Jerry Maguire. It could be "the best of the rest".
Little Miss Sunshine - ridiculously funny and moving
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Beautiful and haunting, just watched it again 2 days ago.

Stuff that came up when I foolishly looked at Netflix:
The American President - oh man...I could watch this movie every time it's on TNT. Which is a lot.
Amadeus - A beautiful movie about music and genius and fame. This probably won't make it.
Bowling for Columbine - this movie changed the way I look at the world in a lot of ways.
The Dresser - This is just a beautiful movie about theatre and devotion.
E.T. - I cry every time at the end: "Goooo." "Stay." "I'll be right here." Cue music.
Fiddler On the Roof - probably the best script of a musical ever. The music is icing on a beautiful cake. That's a weird metaphor.
Lost In Translation - probably won't make it, but this movie is amazing.
The Matrix - I loved the first one. And it would butch up my list a bit.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - God, I'm a nerd
Moonstruck - One of my favorite scripts of all time. "Chrissy, get me the big knife!"
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - oh God, how can I not pick this and feel good about myself? Jimmy Stewart and the '30s version of The West Wing?
My Fair Lady - yeah, if I include this, I'd need the Matrix to keep it masculine at all. But this movie is maybe my favorite musical theatre film ever.
Noises Off - probably won't make it, but I watched this every day for about a month when I first saw it. It's hilarious.
Pleasantville - I have a thing for simple movies that touch on deep themes. This movie is so beautiful.
The Princess Bride - oh man...who doesn't like this movie? Philistines, I would guess.
Rear Window - This is a movie I could watch over and over. And that's probably the criterion I should use most heavily.
Saving Private Ryan - First time I saw it I couldn't breathe when it ended. I then showed it when I was a projectionist at a movie theatre and ended up watching every minute of it 3 times in 2 days.
Shakespeare In Love - God, what a fun movie. And a script by my favorite playwright, as well.
Shaun of the Dead - One of 2 silly comedies that I'm keeping in consideration. Because it's amazing and funny and touching. And awesome.
Shawshank Redemption - another multi-watcher. And I love Stephen King.
Sixth Sense - probably not, but a brilliant movie.
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan - arguably the best Star Trek movie. And I was a GIANT Star Trek dork in high school. Seriously, nerd.
Waiting for Guffman - maybe my favorite comedy of all time. I think this makes it.

Okay, that's it. This is such a stupid exercise, but I can't stop thinking about it now.

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