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Essential listening

I wanted to plug my most recent podcast discovery, NPR's "Planet Money". This is a podcast that was spawned from a wonderful and well-received co-production between NPR News and This American Life on the housing mortgage crisis and a concept they called the "global pool of money". It distilled big, global economic concerns in a way that was easy to understand, and it was such a popular This American Life episode that the show gave a CD of it away tote bag-like as an incentive for contributing to the Chicago Public Radio station.

Anyway, Adam Davidson and his colleagues went on to start Planet Money, the podcast and the blog. It is thorough, it is insightful, it is easy to understand. It is remarkably non-partisan. It is entertaining (at least to a nerd like me). It also feels like something thrown together in a crisis, which it is, and that is part of its charm. Even the way that they announce the date and time at the beginning of each episode hints at the remarkable and fast-changing events of the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, it's awesome. Listen to it!

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