Choosing a horse

So, I knew I needed to pick a Presidential candidate before next Tuesday's primary. I've been going back and forth between Obama and Clinton in my head (and honestly, I could've voted for Edwards before he dropped out, even though he didn't have a shot). I like so many things about both of them, and obviously I recognize flaws in both of them. I'm just so happy to actually be excited by potential nominees for a change.

Anyway, I think I have made my decision, as of yesterday. And honestly, the reasoning that pushed it over the edge for me was reasoning that I was determined not to use to make my decision. It is emotional, not substantive. But Caroline Kennedy's op-ed piece in the New York Times on Sunday is what did it for me.

I was wary of the whole "excitement" thing, the "inspiration" thing, the whole "hope" thing, especially after bdar's Vox Pandora. I know that Obama doesn't have "enough" experience. I know that some of his policies are not necessarily as well thought-out as other candidates. I know that it's possible his "hope", his "inspiration" will still be around in 4 to 8 years, during which time he can pick up valuable experience while serving as a possible ally in the Senate to the sitting President.

But then, it might not be. Right now, the nation is in a state of very low morale. Right now, there's a guy who does inspire people to make the most of themselves and of this nation. Right now, that guy has captured the zeitgeist, and it is intersecting with the aforementioned demoralization of the country. And, as Caroline says, "Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible."

It's an opportunity. A unique opportunity. I mean, I know he's "young" and "inexperienced" and has only really proven his rhetorical skills. But, doesn't that kinda sound like this guy? And who's to say he couldn't end up being like this guy? Or, God willing, this guy? Okay, that guy's not technically "real". But you get my drift.

That's not to say that if Clinton gets the nomination, I won't support her enthusiastically. Hell, I feel like I won't be totally freaked out every single day if McCain wins the Presidency. As long as we get rid of the current guy. You know how adult children of abusive parents can be triggered by the abusive parent's voice? I can't listen to that guy talk anymore.

I'm ready to vote.
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A Prayer for Three Candidates

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Barack, for Hillary, for John. Thank you for making them smart, for making them strong. Thank you for giving them passion and compassion; thank you for helping them to inspire.

As this thing really gets underway, help them to remember to keep putting us first. Even though this is a contest, please help them to continue to build up rather than tear down. Help them to remember that their duty is to us and not to themselves. Help them to listen to the conviction of their hearts and to turn aside from tactics and rhetoric. Whoever "wins", help them remember that they are all our leaders. Help them to keep that trust. Help them to guide us to a place of strength.

Help them to band together to reverse the course of the last eight years.


P.S. - That universal healthcare thing? That sounds really, really good. Can we get that one done this time? Please, please, please? Cool, thanks!
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Just the facts. No? Too obvious?

So I've been tagged by bdar with the following meme.

Bloggers must post these rules and provide eight random facts about themselves. In the post, the tagged blogger tags eight other bloggers and notify them that they have been tagged.

The only rule I am not going to follow is the bit about tagging 8 other bloggers. I only have 8 LJ friends, one of those is bdar and two of the others have already been tagged by him. But anyway:

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In conclusion, I tag dylansthinman, hssst, marni_the_leech, marshalaw, and nickkeenan.
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Big sigh...

I've got a job that I'm not too fond of. I've got no extra money and plans this weekend. But everything in me wants to drive to New York for the final weekend of Tom Stoppard's epic trilogy, The Coast of Utopia at Lincoln Center. 8 hours of Stoppard (my favorite playwright) performed by brilliant actors like Amy Irving, Martha Plimpton, Jennifer Ehle, Brian F. O'Byrne, Billy Crudup and Ethan Hawke.

I so wanna go. I hope somebody does it in Chicago soon.
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Words I Need Right Now

Wow...this feels so teenager-ish, but I'm feeling compelled to post song lyrics in my blog. Yikes. This is a song that I need right now, and I've been playing it over and over, so I thought I'd share. It's better with the music, so if you like it, buy it.

Learn to Live With What You Are
by Ben Folds

I know that you're in there
I can see you
You're saying you're okay
I don't believe you

And now that gig is up, the spell is broken
The fat lady's sung, the president has spoken
These days that you were waiting for will come and go
Like any day, just another day

There's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
While the world is watching
All you need is the thing you've forgotten
And that's to learn to live with what you are

So freak out if you wanna
And I'll still be here
Don't call me for years and when you do
Yeah, I'll still be here

And I'm not saying that the effort is a waste of time, but I
Just love you for the things you couldn't change, though you've tried
These hours of confusion they will soon expire like
Everything does

There's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
While the world is watching
All you need is the thing you've forgotten
And that's to learn to live with what you are

Sometimes everything you've ever wanted floats above
It's stickin' out its tongue and laughing while
Everything that anyone could ever need is down below
Waiting for you, know this

There's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
While the world is watching
'Cause all you need is the thing you've forgotten
And that's to learn to live with what you are
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Here we go again

I've heard it said that one definition of insanity is to repeatedly do the same thing, each time hoping for different results.

On a related note: the 2007 Cubs season starts in about 5 minutes.
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